Two Guys, One Vision


Coby Gawlik + Steven Renwick = Coby Stevens Golf

The formula was that easy for us.  After a chance meeting at a charity fundraiser, we found out we had the same passion for golf and how we looked on an off the course.  Coby is a retail specialist and currently working in apparel manufacturing.  Steven was a club professional for nearly 20 years and played on various professional golf tours throughout the U.S.  Together, we knew this made for the perfect partnership.

Simply put, we both loved the game of golf and both appreciated the statements a player could make with their play and their style.  But, for years we have been frustrated with quality and fit of our golf apparel.  As a club professional, I would wear my golf shirts buttoned all the way to the top when I was at work because I didn't care for it looked when it was open.   The collar  flared open or curled up.  It just didn't look professional.  Then I started asking other golf pros in the business that did the same thing with their shirts...why?  And they all had the same answer.   - "Well, if I open it up to the next button, my collar flares wide open, chest hairs come flying out and I look like I'm headed to a 1970's disco party!"  Also, how many times have you washed your golf shirt one time and your collar rolls up like a piece of bacon?  Bottom line, we wanted to make a golf polo that looks stylish, performs the way you want on the course, but most importantly keeps you looking like a pro on and off the course.

So, in the Houston, Texas summer of 2018, Coby Stevens golf was born.  We decided to start developing our brand by putting our logo on the absolute finest quality hats and tee shirts we could find.  We knew if they could stand up to the Texas heat, they could hold up anywhere!  We are currently in the developmental stages of manufacturing our own label and can't wait to share it with you!

We are so excited to introduce the Coby Stevens Signature line of Golf and Athleisure apparel.  We take the guesswork out of casually cool.  Wake up, throw on your CS gear and roll out knowing you're wearing the finest in quality and style.